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5 top pro tips to perfect your golf swing

5 top pro tips to perfect your golf swing

5 top pro tips to perfect your golf swing

Whether you’re preparing for a tournament or want to improve for your next golfing holiday, here are some top pro tips to improve your swing.

1. Strengthen the muscles used in a golf swing
More and more pro golfers are using yoga and Pilates to strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility in the spine, hips and shoulders to add power to their swing.Check out this video by director of fitness for the PGA of America, David Donatucci, featuring exercises designed to improve swing rotation
Here Ken MacDonald, director of fitness at PGA National demonstrates some key drills to help build up the muscles needed to improve your golf swing.

2. Watch how the pros do it
There may be no substitute for actually getting out on the course but when that’s not possible YouTube can be a great tool in perfecting your swing. Watch some of your golfing heroes and follow the golf analysis provided by PGA golfers to really understand how the professionals get so much power into their swings. Slow it down, watch it frame by frame and you could uncover the secret to the perfect golf swing. Take inspiration from one of the best with the PGA Tour’s collection of Rory Mcllroy’s Top 10 PGA Tour shots

3. Get advice from a PGA pro
No matter how good your game, every golfer has room for improvement so it’s well worth taking a few lessons to let a pro look at your swing and iron out any problems. If you don’t have time for lessons on the green take a look at some of the excellent tutorials available online.

4. Watch a Video of your own golf swing for analysis
Many pros agree that watching your own golf swing can be one of the most effective routes to improving as it allows you to see what you might be doing wrong, even when it feels right. If, however, you can see the problem but don’t seem able to correct it you might want to consider sending the video off to a golf pro to get their feedback through a service like Golf Channel’s ‘Swing Fix’. Email through your video, select a pro from their extensive list and the pro will take a look and email a video analysis of your swing back to you.

5. Embrace the new tech
Golf pros such as Keegan Bradley are using gadgets like golf swing monitors to get instant feedback on each swing. The Zepp is just such a gadget with a tiny chip which clips to your glove to give you instant swing feedback including 3D swing imaging, club speed, swing plane, tempo, backswing position and hip rotation. Link it up to the app on your smart phone or mobile device and you can watch it back and even compare your swing to the pros!

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