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Get the most out of your swimming pool investment


FINER DETAILS: Building a swimming pool requires great attention to detail from the very beginning.

FINER DETAILS: Building a swimming pool requires great attention to detail from the very beginning.

Building a swimming pool is a major investment and requires much more than just digging a hole in the garden and filling it with water. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration and it is important to seek professional advice before the work can begin. For a private house owner who has no previous experience it is most important to work with a professional and reliable pool contractor to build the pool in mind.

Important to remember before starting
The first decision to make is where to position the pool. It must be easily accessible and yet ensure some level of privacy and should also blend with the house as a feature. Pools are things of beauty to be admired and are also to be used for entertaining. Ideally it should be positioned away from trees as roots can compromise the integrity of the structure and shade will reduce water temperature.

It is also essential to take into account the location of power lines and sewers in order to position the pool in a safe place. Another vital factor to consider is which type of soil is present where the pool is planned as this will determine construction technique and cost. For example, pools constructed in red soil will generally be cheaper than ones constructed in black cotton soil which is unstable and requires more extensive foundations. Choice of a proffesional pool contractor is also vital as it will directly affect the costs of maintenance, viagra generic repair as well as the life expectancy of the pool

Equipping the Pool
By selecting the correct pool equipment to suit your needs, maintaining a gorgeous pool all year round will be an absolute breeze. When it comes to equipping swimming pools, the pool contractor will often rely on Uganda’s leading pool experts Davis & Shirtliff who offer a comprehensive range of quality swimming pool equipment sourced from both leading international suppliers and the company’s own manufacturing facilities.

It is vital to ensure correctly specified and installed equipment for the specific pool design and with Davis & Shirtliff’s great experience in the industry this is assured. The pool equipment is supported by an extensive range of pool care items including chemicals, cleaning accessories, covers and much more. Also, should the client have special requirements, Davis & Shirtliff’s engineers can work with the contractors to provide technical drawings that will turn the client’s concept of the swimming pool to reality.

The Davis & Shirtliff Group is the leading supplier of water and energy related equipment in the East African region, having been in the business for more than 65 years. It offers products and solutions within water pumps, borehole equipment, water treatment, swimming pools, solar products and generators. The group is Kenyan based and operates through a network of Kenyan branches as well as regional subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

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