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Matsiko makes his unique mark

 LATERAL DAMAGE: Matsiko follows the flight after a powerful drive off the tee during one of the events on the local calendar in Uganda in 2016.

LATERAL DAMAGE: Matsiko follows the flight after a powerful drive off the tee during one of the events on the local calendar in Uganda in 2016.

Looks can be deceptive. But for Moses Matsiko, what you see is you what you get. Charming and yet unassuming, Matsiko boasts of an unconventional style with which he easily accomplishes many tasks. It is his character that has earned him the moniker ‘sponsor’ because of his always giving nature that has seen him drop a penny here and there whenever called upon by any tournament organiser. G100’s dynamic pair of Innocent Ndawula and Darren Allan Kyeyune enjoyed a priceless and yet heartily chat with the down-to-earth director of Pinnacle Security.

A is for ACES
How many HOLES-IN-ONE have you had?
None. I have come close before when the ball kissed the cup at Hole No.6 of Uganda Golf Club, Kitante before rolling away.

B is for BEAUTY
What is the best shot you have ever accomplished?
It was on the par-4 Hole No.12 at Kitante. I remember I got an eagle. I was in the rough but I hit the ball with my 9-iron and put it in on the stroke index-1 hole.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
It was those times when I used to enjoy drive along with my uncle Fred Ninsiima (RIP) around Kitante Hill from the late 1980s’ until 1993. I spent about seven years with him. Those were really good times.

D is for DOCTOR
What’s the worst golf injury you’ve sustained?
It was when I hit the ball badly in the rough and twisted my lower right back. It hurt so bad.

Where did you go to school? And what is your field of experience?
I went to Lubiri Primary School, Kitante College School, Makerere University and later Kent University in United Kingdom where I secured a Masters in Security Management. I also hold a Masters in Business Administration from Kampala International University. My field of experience is security management.

F is for FUNDING
Approximately, how much money do you spend on promoting golf and developing talent per year?
I think it is about $10,000 (Shs36m) a year. Well, like you’ve stated, it is talent development and for the love of game. The best one can do is to support the players, mainly the Artisans.

Matsiko makes his unique mark
I do taekwondo, football, volleyball, chess and pool. Pool is a social sport that I love. Don’t forget, I have a belt in taekwondo.

EPITOME OF SUCCESS: Pinnacle Security boss Matsiko receiving his Stanbic Open trophy from UPGA chairman Sam Sejjaaka after the former topped his category.

EPITOME OF SUCCESS: Pinnacle Security boss Matsiko receiving his Stanbic Open trophy from UPGA chairman Sam Sejjaaka after the former topped his category.

How did you manage to become a single low handicapper in less than a year?
It was a result of hard training and more playing time, as well as playing on a variety of courses. When playing on the different courses, you learn many things. For example, at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort in Kigo, you learn that two strokes will be lost if the ball goes into the water. On a bushy course, you also learn and that you have got to keep focused on the fairway. I have been single low handicapper since last year. I was playing off handicap nine after the 2015 Uganda Open. Then improved to six, lowered to five and then went back to six.

How do you relate with your juniors and subordinates in and out of office?
I have a very cordial relationship with my staff. I speak to them with a high level of respect and I listen to them as well.

What aspect of golf troubled you most when you took up the game?
Bad shots! Imagine you’re inside 100 yards but cannot put ball to the pin. Then when you land on the green, you need three putts and end up from a birdie to bogey. I would term it as failure to regulate on the course.

K is for KIT
Which three clubs can you not do without in any round and on any course?
My Scott Cameron Putter, 56 degrees Wedge and the 15 degrees fairway 3-Wood.

L is for LOVE
What makes you happy?
Family because my children mean everything to me and my wife is a blessing.

Tell us how you have managed to work from a newsroom, to a bar and now a private security firm.
It is a combination of humility, ambition and living each day at a time.

N is for NORMS
Do you do any pre-game rituals? And are you also superstitious?
Ha ha! No. I am a religious man. I am an obedient Christian. I believe in God, nothing else.

O is for OOH-LA-LA
Which global figure would you like to get lost with on an exotic island?

That would be my wife. In the game of golf, I would love to have a round of golf with Tiger Woods.

Why the name Pinnacle for your security firm?
I believe in doing things to the best and I think Pinnacle is top in terms of security services. I may not be there but it is where I want to be.

Q is for QUIRKY
What is your one weird thing you do on a daily basis that people don’t know about you?
I think I have 30 minutes to one hour of time alone, daily.

R is for RIDDY
What is your most embarrassing moment?
Aaaaah… That’s the most difficult question. It is when I do not tell the truth.

Why did you invest in security? Are those security services affordable and please break them down for us.
I have a humanitarian heart and I like to tap out the low-key people. I started my company Pinnacle Security to employ the many people who need jobs. And yes of course, it is an affordable business, dealing in protecting life and property. It offers guarding, consultancy, canine (dog) services, system electronics and access control, fire-fighting and investigations.

T is for TOYS
We know about the Tundra, tell us about your other rides. Plus your love for gizmos and other technology gadgets.
You will be shocked. I try to rhyme with the flow of technology. I love my Macintosh desktop. I think it is the best innovation in the computer world. I have a 5.7 litre Toyota Tundra Truck, a 5.5 litre G-Wagon and a 6.3 litre CL Mercedes Benz. I also own a double-jet Yamaha speed boat. And by the way, I am a Blackberry addict.

U is for UNWIND
How do you relax away from golf and work?
Reading and relating with friends and family.

V is for VISION
What do you think is the problem of young upcoming golfers?
Lack of focus and not taking the game competitively. Most young people just play the game at the level of fun yet they can compete and earn from it and be better at it.

W is for WISH
What would you love to have that you don’t have?
Hard question! To live a faithful life, keeping your promises and living at peace with everyone.

X is for X-FACTOR
Which individual do you credit for teaching you golf?
It is a couple of people. John Mwalimu takes the credit for the initiation. Before, Mwalimu had always invited me to start golf and I was hesitant. He did not teach me much on the course though.

Y is for YAPPING
What is your opinion about people who love to gossip?
I detest gossiping. It is a shame!

What infuriates you most?
Liars, thieves and hypocrites.

Matsiko ‘s FACT-FILE
Full names: Moses Matsiko Baryamujura
Date of Birth: Oct 20, 1979
Born: Mbarara Hospital
Place: Buziga
Marital status: Happily Married
Children: Three
Hometown: Kiruhura District
Start of Golf Career: October 2014
Lowest handicap: 5
Current handicap: 6
Tournaments won: 2015 Stanbic Open, 2015 Kakira Open, 2015 JBG Open Runners-up, 2015 Kabaka Cup (team event) – Pinnacle
Best score: 63 nett playing off h/c 9 during MTN Monthly Mug in September 2015
Average tee shot: 300 yards.
Fairways percentage: 65%
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: Twitter. WhatsApp is my preferred.
Android or Apple: Android.
Wine or Whiskey: Ha-ha, wine.
Nike or Adidas: Nike

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