Amos Nzeyi

Amos Nzeyi has an astute business mind, infectious enthusiasm and an inherent gift to inspire and give in equal measure. A humble background that includes some years as a casual, Nzeyi has accelerated wealth from almost nothingness and boasts of strong technical skills. And being the man behind the rise, rise and rise

of Palm Valley Golf Course located at Akright Estate in Kakungulu, our chief reporter at Golf 100 Innocent Ndawula got him to tell the world what makes him tick.


Why does everybody refer to you as chairman?

The title of chairman came automatically because it is associated with the work I do. I am the board chairman for Crown Beverages, Hot Loaf, Nandos, White Horse Inn, Palm Valley Golf Course and National Bank of Commerce among others business entities.

How do you manage to sit in all these offices?

I delegate most of the time because I believe in sharing with other people. I always look to outsource to people with better brains than mine to help me manage my investments properly.

Where do you get the courage to

do all these businesses because

many look at them as big risks?

It is not courage but the will to provide where there is lack of service. For example when I came back from exile in 1986, there was no bread in the country. So I decided that I should start baking in February 1986 hence the birth of Hot Loaf.

What other services did you initiate?

There was also a shortage of beer and soft drinks because there was no crown corks manufacturer. I went out to buy cork-making machines from Germany in 1988. This inspired me to start making Pepsi soda hence the name Crown Beverages from the crown corks that I set out to do in the beginning. worked for anybody else. The money I got from road construction is what I used to kickstart my business ventures.

You are a Johnny-come-lately in golf. Did you play any other sports before?

I played football, tennis, and squash. I also enjoyed motorsport. I was a rally champion for many years. Notably I won the 5,000km OAU Rally event. There were also times when I would win but former Ugandan president Idi Amin Dada would be declared champion. I also won the longest Safari in East Africa that was 7,000km.

How many years has Pepsi (worldwide) been in existence?

We are celebrating 100 years of existence this year and I will be headed to Hawaii, USA for a 10-day celebration trip of merry-making. We are one family and there will be many dignitaries like Becky Thatcher and Bush Snr.

You own just one of the two private golf courses in East Africa. What a risk?

It is not a risk. Like I said earlier, I like to provide. And when I provide, I want to offer services of good quality. Palm Valley is an astounding project that is properly done and professionally shaped

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. The factory was located in industrial area near Coffee Marketing Board (CMB).

Did your competitors take it in good faith?

No way. In the beginning it was smooth sailing but the likes of Madhavani Group, Schweppes and Coca-Cola stopped buying the crowns from me. They bought me out of the crown-making business. That was 10 years ago.

How long have you been makingPepsi?

It has been 18 years now. It has been labeled as of the highest quality and it is on that basis that we (Pepsi Uganda) are going to be given an award of success by Pepsi International. I will also appear in a movie about Quality

Control as a scientist when we to pick our award in USA late this year. I am a really proud of Pepsi for the bold steps it has taken. While in the USA, I will also rub shoulders with elites from the Pepsi Chairman’s club and we shall enjoy a round of golf among other activities.

You are very successful and a role model to rookie businessmen. What is your qualification and how did you assume all this wealth?

I did only secondary school education. And after that I went for training on the job. I worked on the construction for the Kabale – Ntungamo Road for three years. I then went to Israel for more training. That was it I never

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