FootJoy Pro SL review

FootJoy Pro SL review

FootJoy Pro SL review

As soon as you put the FootJoy Pro SL on they feel more comfortable than the DryJoys Casual. The leather feels much softer and there seems to be more padding around the foot.
It also feels like there is a little bit more room around the toe area while feeling nice and snug around the heel and top of the foot.

FootJoy Pro SL review
But, as with all FootJoy products, performance is the most important thing and the Pro SL don’t disappoint. I’ll wear spiked shoes whenever I can because my balance is quite poor and I find myself slipping and sliding all over the place.

But with the Pro SL I found the traction to be excellent and I felt like I could really use the ground to help me swing. With some spikeless shoes I often feel like my whole body moves through impact and I don’t get any resistance from the ground to create lag and power. I wasn’t all of a sudden swinging it like Adam Scott but the Pro SL were helping me to make confident swings. For me, the Pro SL are the ultimate all-rounders as they give you the best of everything.

They have the comfort of spikeless but the traction and performance of a more structured spiked shoe.
They also look fantastic so you’d happily keep them on in the clubhouse or the pub after your round.
I’d probably wear them even if I wasn’t playing golf – something I wouldn’t have said about the DryJoys Casual.

When I wore the Pro SL to work for the first time, everyone was commenting at how good they looked.
I can’t swing it like Adam Scott but I can look just as good. Well, maybe not quite as good but we can wear the same shoes.

FootJoy have really fulfilled their brief on the Pro SL if they were looking to create a top-preforming spikeless shoe that looks cool and will have success on tour.
You really can’t fault it although it isn’t cheap at £140. But it will last and if you’re someone who struggles for a bit of traction, it will improve your golf so worth every penny in my eyes.


In store: February 1, 2017
Waterproof warranty: 1 yr
Colours: White/red/black, Black/red, White/blue/green
SRP: £140 Laced £155 Boa

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