Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons

Forged from 8620 carbon steel for soft feel, the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons have a head size, blade length, offset and topline that are nearly identical to the FG Tour V2 irons that came out three years ago.

The biggest difference between the two sets is the incorporation of 18 grams of tungsten in the sole of the FG Tour V4’s 3- through 7-iron. The heavier metal lowers the center of gravity in the clubs that many better players want to hit higher.

“Players have told us that they want to make the ball stop faster, but we really don’t want to do that with spin, because that can make the ball balloon,” said Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf’s director of research and development. “The other thing you can do is make the ball come down on a steeper angle. The tungsten allowed us to increase the launch angle without increasing spin.”

Wilson said the combination of a higher launch angle and no increased spin yields a few extra yards of distance, but shots come down more vertically and should stop faster on the green.

Wilson also made the face of the FG Tour V4 irons 11 percent thinner outside the hitting area, which allowed designers to shift weight to the heel and toe. The moment of inertia is 3 percent higher than the previous model’s, which should make the FG Tour V4 irons more stable. But these are definitely better players’ clubs, far from the most forgiving clubs Wilson makes.

“We’ve modernized the look a little bit,” Vrska said. “The V2 was a little bit sharp and hard-edged. The V4 is a little bit more round, but it’s still a Wilson-looking iron. We did some work on the sole based on feedback form the PGA Tour. Kevin Streelman has been grinding his V2’s in a certain way for a while, and the V4s are pretty close to his clubs, right out of the box.”

Because these clubs are designed for better players, the lofts are very traditional. The standard set includes 4-iron (24 degrees) through gap wedge (51 degrees)

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. When they arrive in stores Jan. 15, 2015, the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons will come standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold DG Pro steel shafts for $899.99.

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